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I believe in the power of education to change lives. I’ve been heavily involved in the field, in and out of a formal school setting, for over 30 years as a home school parent and a professional. I have learned how to form an effective team to bring about miracles in learning, especially with special needs children.

My goal is to support parents as an education advocate in meeting the educational needs of their children, especially children with special needs. What are your goals for your child? Let me help you reach them. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Emmalou A Penrod, M A Ed

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Emmalou cares about families and education. My son was really struggling in grade school, where they kept pushing to put him on medication and get him into the special education program. Emmalou gave me advice on how to communicate with the teachers and be persistent. She provided me with ideas to help draw my son out of his shell. He responded and did a complete turn around! He’s in junior high now and on the honor roll.